The Super Includer IQ Test

Could You Be a Super Includer? Take the Super Includer IQ Test and Find Out

Is being an Includer innate or can it be learned? Well, in most cases it's both-applying the core values we grew up with and the experiences in our lives to fight for others. But as this test shows, some of us are more inclined to be Includers than others. Answer these seven questions and find out how close you are to becoming one.

Have I ever felt like an outsider?(Required)
Would I be willing to share my stories of including and excluding others to help those around me learn?(Required)
Have I exhibited acts of courage to stand up for and speak out for others at my own personal or professional risk?(Required)
Have I reflected on difficult questions like "Who would I be without racism?" and "Do my personal behavior and politics perpetuate racism?"(Required)
Do I view my privilege as an opportunity to build a more just and inclusive world rather than simply a source of guilt and shame?(Required)
Am I open and willing to learn others' stories of race, racism, and discrimination-and to recognize that they are not my stories?(Required)
Have I made a personal commitment to taking steps to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion become a core value in my personal and professional life?(Required)