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7 ways to build cultural intelligence and become a more inclusive leader,” Fast Company

To be an ‘Includer’ and an anti-racist ally, leaders need to bridge culture gaps, writes this DEI expert and Black female CEO. Prepare to feel uncomfortable.

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White Men Can Jump: 4 Ways to Become a DEI Ally,” The Good Men Project

Someone needs to open the door. Early in my career, I learned that white male allies can create access and opportunity. Contrary to stereotypes about white men, these leaders recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion to all of us — and do something about it.

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Be An Includer: Three Qualities Of Culturally Intelligent Leaders,” Chief Executive

Most leaders understand the business case for inclusion, but they struggle to make it happen. One way is to nurture your cultural IQ.

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Black entrepreneurs need more white allies,” The Boston Globe

In the 1980s, as I was preparing to launch my public relations agency, I had lunch with a white friend, a columnist for the Boston edition of Adweek. He was a veteran of the city’s PR world, and I wanted to get his perspective on whether he thought a Black-owned public relations and marketing agency would do well in Boston.

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How allyship helped make Bill Russell a legend,” CommonWealth Beacon

Red Auerbach had a key role in the Celtic great’s rise

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Allyship in the wake of Roe; Six actions employers can take right now,” Boston Business Journal

The U.S. Supreme Court’s radical and dangerous decision last week to overturn Roe v. Wade and upend a half century of protecting a women’s reproductive freedom has left many women — and men — angry and upset.

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Staking out Mayor Wu’s home is intimidation, not protest,” WBUR Cognoscenti

In recent years, we’ve seen no shortage of hateful, vile, reprehensible behavior exhibited towards women and people of color. Over the past weeks, protesters have directed that hate toward Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, hurling misogynistic slurs and threatening violence outside her home in Roslindale. We don’t have to accept this behavior.

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What Whoopi Goldberg misunderstood about racism and the Holocaust,” The Boston Globe

Jews are in the ‘other’ category in America, every bit as marginalized because of their religion as I am at times because of my skin color.

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7 Steps for Becoming an Anti-Racism Advocate,” Boston Magazine

Here’s what you can do right now.

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Embracing diversity will help companies in the struggle ahead,” Boston Business Journal

We need all hands on deck for what will be a difficult several months for the regional economy. The sooner we make our businesses diverse and inclusive, the nimbler and better prepared they will be, write three Boston business leaders in this exclusive op-ed.

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Starting a corporate anti-racism movement,” CommonWealth Beacon

7 ways to increase racial equity in and outside the workplace

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It’s Time For Action, To Help Heal America’s Racial Divide,” HuffPost 

Americans have faced the deepest of tragedies since Independence Day this year. First, the death of two black men after encounters with police. Then the shooting of five police officers in Dallas by a sniper who reportedly wanted to kill white cops as payback.

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